Sweet Trip to Woodruff's Pie Shop


This little garden girl greeted Kim Merrill and me at Woodruff’s Pie Shop Monroe, Va.

Inside, we visited with matriarch Mary Fannie “Mama” Woodruff (age 102) and tasted a couple of very fine, Fresh Homemade Pies. Tonight we sample the signature “Angie’s Famous Apple Pie.”

Their menu also includes Fruit Shakes, Fried Pies, and their Seasonal Cafe Menu.

GOOD PIE is enjoyed by all.

Woodruff’s Pie Shop.

Woodruff’s Pie Shop.


2014 92Y Wonderplay Conference

Conference Coordinator

November 14: The Power of the Teacher-Child Relationship: Encouraging, Inspiring, Transforming

Conference Coordination for the eighth annual early childhood educators conference in New York City. More than 1,000 participants attended the full-day event, which included three key note speakers, and more than 50 presenters led 45 break-out groups. 

November 15: Dialogue of Two Cities: NYC and Reggio Emilia—Exploring Quality Early Childhood Education for All Children